The Staff of Magius

The Staff of Magius
The legendary staff wielded by Raistlin and Palin Majere. Topped by a crystal in the clutching claw of a bronze dragon, this mahogany staff is an ancient weapon of the Wizards of High Sorcery.
Staff of Magius
Staff, unique (requires attunement)

This staff of polished mahogany, topped by a bronze dragon claw clutching a crystal orb, is beyond ancient. It is a powerful artifact, although it’s appearances throughout history are rare.

You must have at least one level of wizard to become attuned to this staff. The Staff of Magius functions as a +2 quarterstaff. While you hold it, it provides a +3 bonus to armor class and saving throws.

The staff can hold up to 12 charges, which can be expended with an action appropriate to the spell being cast. It can cast Feather Fall and Light for 1 charge each.

When used by a wizard that has passed a Test of High Sorcery, the Staff doubles spell durations, adds +1 damage per die rolled for each spell that the Staff is used as an Arcane Focus.

Secrets. The Staff has hidden powers. If a wizard of 6th level or higher uses the Staff as an Arcane Focus for a spell, the DM should roll a d20. On a 18 or 20, a random effect occurs (using the appropriate charges), rolled from the list below on 1d12. Once an effect has occurred 3 times, the wizard may attempt a DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana) check to master the effect. Once mastered, the effect can be used by spending the appropriate charges. The spells function at the lowest caster level necessary to cast the spell.

1 Charge: 1)Daylight 2) Darkness 3) Detect Magic 4) Enlarge/Reduce 5) Protection from Good and Evil.
Two Charges: 6) Magic Missile 7) Knock 8) Levitate 9) Gust of Wind .
Four Charges: 10) Dispel magic 11) Invisibility 12) Lightning Bolt

The Staff recharges1d6+2 charges every evening. If two of the
moons are full, it regains 1d6+3. If all three moons are full (occurring during the Night of the Eye), the Staff regains 1d8+3 charges. If the Staff’s last charge is expended, it can not recharge until it has spent one full cycle in each of the moon’s full phases. Once the Staff has absorbed the arcane energies from each of the full moons, on the last morning of whichever
moon’s phase it was on, it becomes fully charged.

The Staff of Magius

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