Shard of Light

Shard of light

The Shard of Light is a shortsword, made of crystal that was bestowed by Paladine to a young cleric of his, centuries before the Cataclysm. It’s existence unknown for centuries, it was recovered in a temple deep in the deserts of Khur in recent times. It was found buried into the back of human skeleton wearing the robes and symbol of a follower of Chemosh. The remains of the young priest of Paladine were found but a few feet away.

Shard of Light
Weapon (shortsword), legendary, unique (requires

You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this
weapon. Against undead, the damage is doubled and on a crit against
undead, an additional dice is rolled (for a total of 4d6 damage, plus
modifiers). When the blade is unsheathed, it sheds light as a torch. This
light can be turned on and off as a bonus action.

Once per day, as a bonus action, you can hold the blade overhead
and command the sword to shed bright light in a 10’ radius that is like full
daylight, and dim light for an additional 10’ that grows by 5’ every round to a
maximum of ten rounds for a maximum of 60’ each. When you lower the
blade, the radiance fades to dim light and persists for a minute.

Once per day, as a bonus action, you can turn the blade into pure
light. When in this state, it deals radiant damage instead of piercing and
ignores physical armor worn. While in this state, it cannot harm constructs,
objects, or undead unless they are vulnerable to radiant damage. This
effect remains until the end of the weilder’s next turn.

Once per week, as an action, you can unleash a ray of sunlight in a
60’ cone. Anything within the cone that has an effect to sunlight is affected
by this power. The area within the cone is also subject to a True Seeing
spell. This effect lasts one minute.

Shard of Light

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