Hammer of Kharas


+2 disruption warhammer
Int: 11, Wis: 17, Cha: 20
Speech, telepathy, 120’ darkvision, blindsense, and hearing
Ego Score: 26

All Spell-Like abilities are cast at 17th-level spellcasting ability, where appropriate.

Lesser Powers:
•detect evil – at will,
•wielder is immune to fear,
•wielder gains advantage on all saving throws against magic.

Greater Powers:
•Smite (+4d8 radiant) – 1/day
•heal (wielder only) 1/day
•prayer – 1/day
•protection from arrows – 1/day

Special Purpose:
Preserve the security of the dwarven race and to advance the cause of good on Krynn.

Dedicated Powers:
Wielder gains advantage circumstance bonus on all Charisma-related skill and ability checks with dwarves. The wielder gains the ability to speak/understand & read/write the Dwarven language. Also, the Hammer of Kharas is one of the two components necessary to create greater dragonlances (both the Hammer of Kharas and the Silver Arm are required).

Although the Hammer of Kharas is a sentient magical artifact, it rarely communicates directly even with its wielder. Much of its personality seems to have developed during the years it was wielded by Kharas, thus it evinces a very strict code of honor, stressing loyalty, duty, and the causes of justice and righteousness. Some dwarves believe the hammer’s sentience comes from Kharas himself, maintaining that his spirit resides within the hammer.

The Hammer of Kharas was named for the dwarven hero, Kharas, who wielded the hammer during the Dwarfgate Wars, although the hammer was forged more than two thousand years prior to that great battle. History prior to Kharas records it as being called the Hammer of Honor.

The hammer war forged in 2,072 PC by the dwarves of Thorbardin as a replica of the hammer of Reorx. The dwarves presented it to Ergoth as an offering of peace. The annual passage of the hammer among Ergoth, the Qualinesti, and Thorbardin was symbolic of the Swordsheath Scroll, the treaty signed between the three nations the year prior. From Ergoth, it passed to the Qualinesti, where the hammer was used by Kith-Kanan to forge the great arched bridges of Qulainost, connecting them to the Hall of the Sky, before it passed back to Ergoth once again for politcal purposes. The hammer would remain with Ergoth for centuries, until it would appear once again during the Third Dragon War, when Human Dragonbane sought out a dwarven smith in Ergoth, bearing the blessed Silver Arm of Ergoth and the Hammer of Honor. This dwarven smith, with the divine power of the Hammer of Kharas and the Silver Arm was able to forge the first dragonlances, giving them to Huma.

The hammer disappeared once again, until it was given to the dwarven hero Kharas by the Kayolin dwarves during the early Shadow Years following the Cataclysm. Kharas was a brave, honorable dwarf whose deeds won him admiration from warves and humans alike; indeed it was the Solamnics who gave him the name, Kharas (meaning “Knight” in ancient Solamnic). When humans and hill dwarves approached Thorbardin in 39 AC, they were defeated by Derkin, the reigning High King. The humans and hill dwarves united under the banner of the black wizard, Fistandantilus, and thus began the Dwarfgate War. Many died during the battles between the two forces, including the two sons of Derkin. Kharas carried their bodies back to his king, but while he was gone Fistandantilus unleashed the powerful magic that devastated the region, destroying most of both armies and creating Skullcap. In his grief, Derkin sealed the gates of Thorbardin, giving into his despair. Since he no longer had any heirs, the other thanes began plotting against the stricken king, turning to Kharas to support their cliams. Disgusted by the machinations, Kharas left Thorbardin, wandering Ansalon only to return just prior to Derkin’s death less than a decade later.

Appearing only long enough to speak one last time with his beloved king, Kharas proclaimed to the gathered thanes, “Too late our lord found that we must live together in this world or perish apart. It will be many years before we ourselves will learn this hard lesson, if we learn it at all. I am leaving, and the hammer with me. The world has abandoned honor. The hammer will be hidden for generations to come. Only when a good and honorable dwarf comes to unite the nations shall the Hammer of Kharas return. It will be his badge of righteousness.” He then disappeared once more, taking the hammer with him.

Since Kharas’ disappearance, no dwarf has seen or learned of the hammer’s location.

Hammer of Kharas

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