Dragonlance Campaign Feats


Arcane Disbelief [General] (Races of Krynn)

You are so stubborn and hard headed that you flat out refuse to believe that arcane magic can be as potent as everyone makes it out to be.

Prerequisites: Dwarf or gnome.

Benefit: When you encounter an illusionary effect, you automatically get a save with advantage. You are not required to interact with the illusion or study it in order to disbelieve it. In addition to this you gain a +2 bonus against charm spells and spell like effects.

Arcane Distrust [General] (DL Campaign Book)

Your people fear or distrust arcane magic and those who wield it, such as the Wizards of High Sorcery.

Prerequisites: Must be from one of the following regions: Ackal, Abanasinia, Estwilde, Khur, Nordmaar, Plains of Dust, Solamnia, Taman Busuk, Throtl, Whitestone (Sancrist)

Benefit: Once per encounter, you gain advantage to one spell or spell-like effect. (Players choice) When fighting an opponent you know to be an arcane spell caster, you add 1d6 to damage.

Astrological Forecasting (Legends of the Twins)

You are able to use the heavens as a tool to provide an insight to your fate.

Prerequisite: Trained in Arcana.

Benefit: Once a week you may prepare an astrological reading. This requires an hour’s time with a view of the night sky and a Knowledge (arcana) check. Compare the result of the check to the following:

The bonus applies as an insight bonus to any ability roll (determine randomly by a d6) roll for the next seven days.

A reading may also be prepared for another character that the character with this feat knows. In this case, the character who prepares the reading grants the bonus to the listener.

Special: The type of check affected must be used at least once within the following week. If it is not used, no reading may be prepared in the following week. Ignoring the signs of the heavens has its own consequences.

Barbaric [General] (Dragonlance Campaign)

Your people belong to a culture that is feared and misunderstood as “primitive” or “barbaric” by more civilized folk. People react very strongly to your intense personality.

Prerequisite: Region: Ackal, Blode, Estwilde, Icewall Clacier, Kagonesti elves, Kern, Khur, New Coast, Nordmaar, Plains of Dust, Plainsmen, Saifhum, Schallsea, Sikk et Hul, Taman Busuk, Throtl.

Benefit: Gain prof. and gain advantage on Athletic and Intimidation rolls.

Beggar [General] (Dragonlance Campaign)

You come from an area, usually a large city where there exists a class of people that lives off the generosity of others, or deceives the more fortunate into giving them money.

Prerequisite: Region: Caergoth, Flotsam, Gwynedd, Jelek, Kalaman, Klar dwarves, Palanthas, Port Balifor, Solanthus, Tarisis.

Benefit: Gain prof. and gain advantage on Deception and Sleight of Hand Rolls.

Bull of the Sea [General] (Races of Krynn)

Nautical talent is strong in your blood.

Prerequisite: Minotaur

Benefit: Nature (sailor) and Swim are always a class skill for you, regardless of your character classes. You gain a advantage on all Profession (sailor) and Acrobatic checks, and you may hold your breath for 1.5 the normal amount of time. Also, you gain advantage to all INT (carpentry) checks regarding ships. Additionally, you may take a minimimum result of 10 on such checks when distracted (such as performing repairs on a ship in combat or in rough seas) or if your rolls equal 9 or less. Further, with a successful INT (carpentry) check, you may estimate any ship’s size, top speed, crew size, state of repair, and other useful information (DM’s discretion) after spending a single full round doing nothing but observing the ship.

Special: This feat may only be taken at 1st-level.

Charming [General] (Knightly Orders of Krynn)

Others find your company appealing.

Benefit: Gain Prof. and gain advantage to Persuasion and Performance skill checks

Confounding Babble [General] (Races of Krynn)

You have the uncanny ability to confuse and baffle people. Even your enemies are unable to resist listening to your inane tales or confusing doubletalk.

Prerequisites: Kender or Gnome, trained in Deception.

Benefit: You must declare that you are using this ability instead of an attack action. Instead of making an attack against a foe, you instead direct all you attention to one foe and speak to them. The foe you select must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8 + prof. bonus + your Charisma modifier). If the defender fails their save, they are dazed for one round. Dazed creatures are unable to act normally. A dazed creature can take no action, but has no penalty to AC. This condition only lasts for one round. Constructs, oozes, plants, undead, and the like cannot be affected by this ability. You may use this ability three times a day.

Cornered Rat [General] (Dragonlance Campaign Setting)

You can go from piteous groveling to a murderous fury in the blink of an eye.

Prerequisites: Gully dwarf

Benefit: On your next action immediately following an enemy’s Intimidate check against you or a round in which you made a Persuasion check as a bonus action, you gain advantage on your attack rolls. Your foe may be caught off-guard by your attacks; if you attack the opponent who made an Intimidate check against you or the target of your previous Persuasion check, your opponent must succeed on a DC 15 Insight check or suffer an attack of opportunity.

Expanded Aura of Courage [General] (Knightly Orders of Krynn)

Your aura of courage protects more allies than normal.

Prerequisites: Aura of courage class feature.

Benefit: Your aura of courage now affects allies within 30 feet of you.

Normal: Without this feat, your aura of courage only works on allies within 10 feet.

Gassy [General] (Races of Krynn)

You have a small intestinal problem that causes gasses to back up within you. You may unleash this build up from time to time.

Prerequisites: Gully dwarf, Constitution 13

Benefits: Three times a day you can expel noxious gasses that sicken other individuals around you. (No more than once per turn) On your turn, as an action you can release a cloud of gas as a 10-foot radius spread centered on you. Everyone within the affected area must make a Constitution save (DC 8 + prof. bonus + Con mod). If they fail, they are poisoned until the end of their next turn and must continue a save each round within the effect. If they save they are immune to any more attacks of this nature for the remainder of the encounter. This ability can only work on creatures that breathe.

Gnome’s Luck [General] (Races of Krynn)

When inventions go awry, you have a knack for avoiding most of the brunt of the mishap. Too bad your friends can’t say the same thing.

Prerequisite: Gnome.

Benefit: You may receive a +1 circumstance bonus to a saving throw for every -1 circumstance penalty you inflict on an ally within 30 feet, to a maximum of +5. Both you and the ally must be making the saving throw against the same source. If the ally succeeds on his or her modified saving throw, he or she cannot be the target of this effect for 24 hours.

Haggler [General] (Legends of the Twins)

You are skilled at brokering deals in business matters.

Benefit: Gain Prof. on Persuasion and advantage on all Int (Appraise) and Persuasion skill checks. (You may substitute Deception for Persuasion)

Heroic Surge [General] (Knightly Orders of Krynn)

You may draw on inner reserves of energy to perform additional actions in a round.

Benefit: You may take an additional move or action, either before or after your regular actions. You may use Heroic Surge once per day based on your character level, but never more than once per round. 1st-6th level, once per day; 7th-14th level, twice per day; 15th-20th level, three times a day.

Honor-Bound [General] (Dragonlance Campaign Setting)

Keeping your word and upholding your honor is of great importance to you.

Benefit: you gain advantage on any saving throw if failing that saving throw would result in breaking a promise, oath, or sworn duty.

Special: If you willingly break a promise or oath, you lose the benefits of this feat until you atone for your actions (see the atonement spell).

Horned Stampede [General] (Age of Mortals)

You are naturally adept at using your horns in a charge.

Prerequisites: Minotaur, Str 16+

Benefit: When you use your horns in a charge action, you may add 2d10 to the damage.

Iconic Invocation [General] (Knightly Orders of Krynn)

You draw upon the legacy of one of your order’s greatest heroes for inspiration.

Prerequisites: History(nobility), membership in an order of a knighthood.

Benefit: Choose an icon from your knighthood: Vnias Solamnus (Knights of Solamnia, Ergothian Cavaliers), Huma Dragonbane (Knights of Solamnia), Gurm Brightblade (Knights of Solamnia), Steel Brightblade (Legion of Steel, Dark Knights), Ariakan (Dark Knights), Sara Dunstan (Legion of Steel), or any others the DM feels are appropriate. Three times a day as a bonus action, you may call upon their name to grant yourself advantage.

This bonus applies to a different check or die roll based on your knight order, as follows:
•Knights of Solamnia: Your next attack with a lance, longsword, or heavy mace.
•Dark Knights: Your next weapon damage roll.
•Legion of Steel: The benefits of your next aid another check in combat.
•Ergothian Cavaliers: Your next mounted charge attack.
•Minor Order (Golden Hammers, Minotaur Legions, etc.): Your next saving throw.

Special: If you are disgraced or dishonored from your order, or choose to leave your knightly order, you lose the benefits of this feat until you regain membership in your original order or join another (at which point the benefits may change).

Mariner [General] (Dragonlance Campaign)

Your people are renowned sailors, and your “sea legs” enable you to act quickly on board a ship.

Prerequisite: Region: Ackal, Caergoth, Coastlund, Kalaman, Kothas, Lemish, Mithas, New Coast, Nordmaar, Por o Call, Saifhum, Sanction. Or, you must have been on a ship for at least three different occasions at the DM’s discretion.

Benefit: Gain prof. Nature and advantage on Nature (Sailor) rolls. While on board a sea going vessel, you get a +2 bonus to initiative rolls and a +2 dodge bonus to AC and Dex saves.

Dragon Slayer [General] (Dragonlance Campaign Setting)

You are able to demonstrate great courage in the presence of dragons.

Prerequisite: Base level 6, must have taken damage from a dragon attack at least once.

Benefit: You receive advantage on saving throws against the frightful presence of dragons. Gain advantage vs. breath weapon. Gain +1d8 to damage against Dragons.

Improved Taunt [General] (Legends of the Twins)

You are especially skilled in the art of enraging individuals through insults and jeering.

Prerequisites: Charisma 13+, Kender

Benefit: Bestow disadvantage to target.

Quick-Thinking [General] (Legends of the Twins)

You react quickly to danger.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Initiative rolls and a +2 bonus to all Perception skill checks. If you are not surprised, no ally within 30’ of you may be surprised.

Reserves of Strength [General] (Dragonlance Campaign Setting)

When you cast a spell, you can choose to increase its effective level at the cost of exhausting yourself.

Prerequisites: Wisdom or Charisma score 15+, Wizard

Benefit: When you cast a spell, you can decide to increase your caster level with that spell by one to two levels and bestow disadvantage to the save. However, you are stunned for an equal number of rounds immediately after doing so.

Note: If you are not subject to stunning effects, you instead suffer 3d6, or 5d6 points of damage when you call upon your Reserves of Strength feat.

Shield Wall [General] (Knightly Orders of Krynn)

You are skilled at using shields when in formation with other shield-bearers.

Prerequisites: Shield Proficiency

Benefit: When you and an adjacent ally are each using a shield, your shield bonus to Armor Class increases by +2, and your Dex save increases by 2. Anyone attempting a STR check against you has disadvantage.

Soldier of Fortune [General] (Dragonlance Campaign)

You come from a region that relies on military protection and offers soldiery as a professional career.

Prerequeisites: Region: Blode, Blodehelm, Diarly Plains, Ergoth, Kern, Khur, Lemish, Qualinesti, Sanction, Silvvanesti, Solamnia, Taman Busuk, Whitestone (Sancrist)

Benefit: You are proficient in one marital or exotic weapon of your choice, and gain Prof. and advantage on Survival and Medicine Checks.

Run [General] (Dragonlance Campaign Setting)

You can really move when necessary.

Prerequisites: Dex 12+, Con 12+

Benefit: You may take the dash action, as bonus action on each turn. Also, your base speed increase by 5.

Dragonlance Campaign Feats

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