Dragon Orb

Dragon Orb
Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

These powerful artifacts were created when members of all three Orders of High Sorcery gathered together to work their magic in order to fight the power of the Dark Queen’s forces. Five dragon orbs were the result—each one containing the essence of the five different chromatic dragons: red, white, black, green, and blue. These five dragon orbs contain the essence of good and evil, bound together by neutrality. (For more information on dragon orbs, see DMG; It has Random Properties – 2 minor beneficial properties, 1 minor detrimental property, and 1 major detrimental property.) Each dragon orb is intelligent, self-aware, and contains a distinct personality (AL N, Int 19, Wis 12, Cha 19). The full extent of each dragon orb’s powers is not known, even to the Orders of High Sorcery, and an orb may very well have properties in addition to those described here.
Anyone who attempts to control a dragon orb must defeat the personality within the orb
via a dream-like form of mental combat. While attuned to an orb, you can use an action to peer into the orb’s depths and speak its command word. You must then make a DC 15 Charisma check. On a successful check, you control the orb for as long as you remain attuned to it. On a failed check, you become charmed by the orb for as long as you remain attuned to it. While you are charmed by the orb, you can’t voluntarily end your attunement to it, and the orb cats suggestion on you at will (Save DC 18), urging you to work toward the evil ends it desires.

When used, it grows to about 20 inches in diameter, and mist swirls inside it. The user lapses into a state of apparent catatonia as her mind enters the orb. Creatures otherwise immune to mind-affecting effects are still brought into the orb’s mindscape if they attempt to control it. The orb’s personality manifests as an adult chromatic dragon.

At the end of this time (2d12 hours) she must make a DC 20 Charisma saving throw or remain comatose (Dominated), effectively trapped within a mindspin spell (see Towers of High Sorcery) cast by a 20th-level spellcaster, until the user breaks free of the dream, is freed by an outside force, or dies of starvation and thirst (see Exhaustion). If the user defeats the personality, she has succeeded in mastering the orb and gains access to the powers below.

Call Dragon: The foremost power of a dragon orb is its ability to send out a telepathic summons to any chromatic dragon. The range of the summons is 40 miles. The same charm/suggestion/dominate is then used on the dragon if an attempt is made to control it. This can be used once per hour.

Spells: The orb has 7 charges and regains 1d4+3 expended charges daily, at dawn. If you control the orb, you can use an action and expend 1 or more charges to cast one of the following spells (Save DC 18) from ti: cur wounds (5th leel version, 3 charges), daylight (1 charge), death ward (2 charges), or scrying (3 charges). You can also use an action to cast the detect magic spell from the orb without using any charges.
Note:The dragon orbs can also be used for scrying, enabling the user to cast scrying as a 20th-level wizard three times per day. A dragon orb’s scrying can pierce the River of Time,
enabling a user with an Intelligence of 13 or greater to look into the future (10 years multiplied by Intelligence bonus) or the past (100 years multiplied by Intelligence bonus).

Also,using a dragon orb is an extremely taxing process. Every time a dragon orb is used, the user must make a DC 20 Constitution save or suffer the effect from the exhaustion chart.

Destroying the Orb: It is impervious to most damage, including attacks and breath weapons of dragons. A disintegrate spell or one good hit from a +3 magic weapon is sufficient to destroy an orb, however.

A sixth dragon orb was hidden away from the rest of the world in the High Sorcery stronghold of Bastion. Unlike other dragon orbs, a cabal of Black Robes that feared the return of the good dragons created this orb centuries after the Third Dragon War. The orb contains the essence of a gold dragon and may be used to summon and control metallic dragons instead of chromatic ones. This orb’s personality manifests as an adult gold dragon (use the gold dragon sample described in the Monster Manual). Lord Knight Theo Drawde retrieved the orb from Bastion but was flung into the Gray, along with the orb, before he had the chance to make use of it. Overwhelming magic (all schools); CL 25th; Weight 8 lbs.

Dragon Orb

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