Tear of Mishakal

Tears of Mishakal

Description: The Tears of Mishakal are a pair of fist-sized pale blue sapphires cut to look like faceted teardrops. Individually, each Tear is magic, but when used together their power increases.
Much like the fabled Blue Crystal Staff, the Tears of Mishakal are artifacts of healing and restoration. Each Tear holds 10 charges when it is fully charged. Each regains charges at a rate of 1 charge per day at daybreak. Their powers may be used only by a non-evil character (the “bearer”).

Benefits: The following powers expend:
When the Tears of Mishakal are carried- 5 charges = heal; heroes’ feast; raise dead.
In addition to spells, a Tear of Mishakal possesses three other significant powers. If immersed for 24 hours in a vessel containing no more than a gallon of water, the Tear transforms the water into holy water just as if a bless water spell had been cast upon it.

Secondly, for as long as the bearer has one of the Tears of Mishakal on his or her person (whether held or stowed) and the Tear still has charges remaining, the bearer benefits from a continuous +2 AC bonus. (As a Ring of Protection) If the bearer possesses both uncorrupted Tears, the caster level of spells increases by two level’s.

Finally, the Tears of Mishakal bestow a continuous dimensional anchor effect upon the bearer. So long as the Tear is on the bearer’s person, she cannot be affected by spells such as blink, dimension door, plane shift, teleport or similar effects that allow extradimensional travel. This effect functions at either 15th or 20th caster level (depending on whether the bearer has one or both Tears). Even if overcome by spell resistance or some other means, the Tear itself cannot be transported in this fashion and is left behind or dropped. The only exception is if the tears are carried through the portal to the Dragons’ Graveyard, to which they are attuned.

Tear of Mishakal

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