Tarsis (City)
Before the Cataclysm, Tarsis was one of the most important port cities of Ansalon. With an extremely powerful navy, they were able to barter a commercial agreement with the Empire of Ergoth and the kender nation, Hylo. However, when the Empire was able to split the pirate forces found in the near areas and create their own navy, Ergoth invaded Tarsis and forced them to surrender. Tarsis continued to be a wealthy city, although a good amount of their profit was sent to the Empire.

Its strategically situated port made it a usual resting location for ships coming from several different areas. This fact allowed it to create an extensive library, rival to the Great Library of Palanthas. The authors had created the trade routes prior to beginning the work with the books, establishing the library in this location and naming it as the Library of Khrystann.

When the Cataclysm struck, the waters were drained from Tarsis coast. Thus, the whole geography changed, and the port city suddenly found itself without a sea to navigate. Now landlocked in the newly risen Plains of Dust. The nation once known as Tarsis ceased to exist at this point, and the city of Tarsis became little more than a dusty husk of it’s former self that was considered part of this arid realm.

Tarsis (Large Town): Conventional; AL NG; 3,000 stl limit; Assets 643,500; Population 4,290 (Human 92%, dwarves 3%, hobgoblins 2%, elves 1%, kender 1%, Draconians 1%).

Authority Figures: Harkol Waythorn, LN male civilized human Fighter (Governor); Gildentongue, LE male Aurak inquisitor (draconian emissary of the Blue Wing); Porkall Bum-buster, N male civilized human Noble (mercantile union shop-steward) Tarsian Guard: Tasked wthi keeping order on the streets of Tarsis, the town guard is as likely to stir up a mob against a passing knight as they are to keep the peace; the guard is under the rabble-rousing leadership of Captain Boril Fenstaff (CN male civilized human Pirate Captain); Fighter 5 (12), Veterans (25), Guards (160), Commoner (40; special constables) Red Wing Contingent: Advance scouts and emissaries of the dragonarmy, promising peace to Governor Waythorn. Hobgoblins: Mercenary Captains (14), Soliders (61), sivak draconias: (5). Baaz draconians: (32)


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