The Plainsfolk are a simple and nomadic people who revolve around a routine to survive. They live on the plains east of Solace and are comparable to Native American Indians.

The Que-Shu tribe lives a seasonally nomadic life-style, moving with the herds in the spring and summer, and settling into their village (also called Que-Shu) for autumn and winter. They have a Chief and a High Priestess, who lead the village in all matters and are believe to become gods upon their death. The High Priestess is selected by sending a likely candidate (a highborn female) to the Hall of Sleeping Spirits to prove her worth and earn the title of High Priestess. The Chief is the man who marries her.

The Que-Shu tribe wars with other Plainsfolk tribes, and with Silvanesti elves. They trade worked leather, beads, bows, horses, blankets, and other hand-made goods when in peace.


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