Rufus "The Stunt Bum" Hannah

An Aghar vagabond who performs outrageous acts


Male nomadic Gully Dwarf (Aghar) Fighter 4/Rogue 4


A former part time mercenary turned alcoholic. He was paid 5 copper to perform in Flotsam for a group of onlookers and run headfirst into a stack of ale barrels.

He began drinking at 14, and after a stint as a merc. turned vagabond in the streets of Flotsam. He eventually met Rob Black, a local con artist and hedge wizard who ran a ring of underground pit fights and employs thieves, pimps, and killers. He currently owns Rufus name and has subjected him to a geas spell to perform in his spectacles.

He (Rufus) subsequently performed other “stunts” for events, including riding a merchant travel cart down the stone steps of the Library of Palanthas, ramming his head into the steel gates of the Shoikan Grove at the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas so hard that he today suffers from epilepsy, and beating up Sir P. Morgan, a former Knight of Solamnia, so badly that his leg was broken in two places and required amputation.

He can often be heard screaming (when understood) “BFK FOR LIFE!!” before leaping off a high point or knocking out a rival fighter.

He is currently traveling south, expecting to return to Flotsam for the summer festival.

(Update) Recently Rufus and his companion Malfoy (a young renegade wizard), were ordered to apprehend a former employee of Rob Black’s who was traveling through Abanansia. While the first attempt to kidnap him was spoiled by a skirmish between local Dragon Army mercs. and a group of adventurers who were aiding their target, the dwarf managed to escape with his injured companion and lick his wounds. He is currently resting near the elvish lands of Qualensti.

“I found that boy once. I’m a bloodhound. I’ll get catch him soon E nuff.” -Rufus

Ruffas ended up in a comma shortly before the War of the Lance ended. His sorcerous companion attempted to save him by brewing up a concoction that would keep him alive until he could find a way to wake him. He ended up sleeping for decades. Through the Summer of Chaos and well into the 5th Age when Takhisis was killed in the Age of Mortals.

With the return of the Gods, he has suddenly stirred…

Rufus "The Stunt Bum" Hannah

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