Lord Garth

Noble, Knight, "Alpha-Male"... a legend in his own mind


Human Male Knight (Noble)


“In what world do you think you would ever be my equal?”

He literally thinks this of 90% of the populace.

He is of noble blood to an ancient family steeped in coin, influence, and deed.

He is viewed as a loathsome and opportunistically calculating Ergothian noble who has used his family name to excuse his deeds, demeanor, and near incompetent military decisions. After being refused to commit near genocide on a group of captured enemy draconian legions he had his top officers executed, but was quickly restrained and relieved of duty. He was later moved from Command into an advisory role on the Knight Council and is rarely “in the field”.

On a personal level, he is the guy who throws up rotgut in front of the Inn, harasses uninterested woman and challenges the smallest guy in the bar to a fight.

He probably has a certain level of Madness, as he has been known to inform his immediate subordinates about his list of internal rules they need to be aware of. He takes offense (personal offense) for perceived insults. He thinks empathy is a tool for the weak. (Isn’t that why they meekly request you understand their opinion anyway?) and believes in the tenants of duty and respect for authority above all else. Especially when he is the authority. (In most cases, that is the status quo)

He is currently on holiday from his duties on the council. He is secretly on a mission of great importance that no one is aware of…

-He feels surrounded by incompetent idiots – and he can’t help letting them know the truth every now and then.
-He sees equals (the few he would acknowledge) as competitors. And speaking of equals, he is often jealous of colleagues, and finds it difficult to be genuinely pleased for them when they do well.
-He believes it is necessary to insult inferiors, otherwise they don’t seem to shape up at all.
-Always quick to point out the mistakes of others, while he never makes mistakes as there is always some idiot to blame.
-He constantly interrupts people, as what he has to say certainly takes precedence
-He thinks you need to constantly “butter-up” your superior and other powerful people, and expect the same treatment from your underlings.
-He rewards his men greatly, but if your not under his command you are the enemy. What else would you be?

Lord Garth

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