Qué-Shu plainsman, fierce warrior, older brother of Goldmoon.


Longshadow is a Qué-Shu plainsman born of Chief Arrowthorn and the former High Priestess Tearsong, who died shortly after Goldmoon’s birth. Longshadow is a proud warrior who is fiercely protective of his younger sister Goldmoon. Longshadow has embraced his heritage and received blessings of his ancestor spirits.

When his father sent the shepherd Riverwind away on a fool’s quest to prove the existence of the old gods, Longshadow was happy: Riverwind was a pretender who reached above his place. In the time RIverwind was gone, Arrowthorn grew very ill. As High Priestess, it fell to Goldmoon to act as leader for the tribe during their father’s illness. However, Longshadow also acted as leader over the tribe’s warriors, competing with both his sister and with his father’s oldest rival, Loreman. In the months RIverwind was gone, old divisions began to resurface in the village of Qué-Shu.

When Riverwind returned, he brought back a staff made of crystal. Longshadow met with RIverwind, one of the few times they had ever spoken. He told him that Riverwind had shown true courage to return from his quest and consider himself lucky he returned alive. If RIverwind left the village and remained in his fields, he would be free to go. RIverwind was undeterred: He was also unable to work any wonders or magic with the staff. Chief Arrowthorn decided that Riverwind was a blasphemer, and ordered him stoned to death at The Grieving Wall.

As the village was preparing to execute the blasphemer, Goldmoon ran to her beloved and shielded his body with her own, carrying his crystal staff. While Longshadow moved forward to try to separate the two, Goldmoon’s crystal staff flashed and the pair disappeared in the flash of light!

Disturbed by the show of magic, but unable to leave his sister to be taken away by a low-born blasphemer, Longshadow swore to his father he would return Goldmoon safely and set out until he picked up the trail. He has been tracking them closer and closer to the town of Solace…


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