Dragonlance Chronicles

Xak Tsaroth (Session 2)

Far Eastern Abanasinia

On to Xak Tsaroth.

Day 4- The group pressed on through the Eastern Mountains and into the cursed lands of the New Sea. A strip of land between Eastwall Mountains and the coast that was ruined. The once rich topsoil now washed into the sea; now covered in forests of ironclaw trees. An extremely difficult land to traverse, as no roads survived the Cataclysm, and no trails have been made through it. The only clue to follow was the trampled mossy ground by the Dragon-Army, as the rest of the area was perpetually saturated with ponds and streams dotting the landscape.

As the group pressed on through the swamps they began to pass the outskirt ruins of Xak Tsaroth. The wet, mossy ground of the ironclaw forest gave way to marshes deep and the stink of the swamp. The foliage of the ironclaw trees blocks out the sun, casting the land in permanent twilight; at night, it is nearly pitch black as not even Solinari’s brilliant light can penetrate the tenebrous canopy. The party made camp in a magic hut, and come for what passed as morning made their way into the city proper after dispatching a few bugbears that had been eating one of the “discarded” prisoners taken by the Dragon-Army. (An elder from the Que-Shue tribe)

Day- 5 The group made good time with the Que-Shue Ranger leading the way through the more treacherous aspects of the swamp, and despite a run in with a Specter after the group had some trouble crossing a deep pond, the group manage to avoid many of the creatures that dwelt in the swamp. The group began crossing the large “land bridges” that emerged from the black swamp, and crossed over a humongous Ironclaw tree that was used as a make-shift bridge. The group Fighter made his way to the front and was ambushed by several Baaz Draconians. He fought fiercely and held off a squad of the creatures as his companions hurled arrow and magic at the dragonmen. The creatures, unable to fell the heavily armored human, turned to run and were slain in the act of fleeing by the group Ranger.

The party made its way onto more solid ground, and found themselves staring at a large bamboo/wicker dragon perched over a bridge guarded by two Draconians wearing hooded robes. The party Burglar made his way out to meet them, his cowl pulled down low as a sign of some strange attempt at unification. It worked. The dragonmen carried on with the Half-elf for some time, as other members of the party emerged from hiding. Eventually, the Half-elf knocked one of the Draconians down and ran forward followed by the rest of the party, save Longshadow and Ash. The Draconians gave chase and one was killed, but the other threw up a wall of fire, and then blinked out of existence. The Burglar, Hedge-Knight, and Gnome Wizard were stopped in their tracks by a large creature ahead. This also gave the Draconian time to catch up…

He reappeared to hit Hank, The gnomish necromancer who had casted an invisibility spell on himself, and Leargath with a lightning bolt. The group Ranger made a bold move, leaping through the wall of fire that had now caught the large wicker dragon aflame, he began shooting at the Draconian from a distance after his friends were hit with the bolt of lightning. Smoke from the burning wood hung over the black swamplands, shielding the group from the eyes of the strange, evil creatures in the area. The smoke floated wraithlike through the swamps, drifting across the silver moon and obscuring the stars. Within a few second the Draconian was dead. However, the group turned and began running back toward the Ranger as they saw a large dragon ahead. There was much talk about skirting the area, and Longshadow began setting up climbing gear to make it to the bottom of the gorge, but the group gnome realized the “dragon” they saw earlier was a statute…

The group made their way into an area of temples, and found the first major remnament of ruins in the city proper.

The party found a temple to Mishakal were a Statute of the Goddess animated, and spoke to the party. The Blue Crystal Staff was recharged there, and Goldmoon was told the Disk’s of Mishakal were located in the lower level of the area in catacombs.
The party made their way into the under-city and met up with some fowl gully dwarves who were attempting to claw their way into a paining. Not stopping long enough to find out why, the party continued downward finding the buried city infested wiith gully dwarf slaves who served the cruel draconian masters, along with a few ogres…but, unable to locate any of the captured slaves…

The group managed (by luck with the gully dwarves; and gnomish ingenuity) to find an “elevator” to take them to the lower levels. They passed several levels and saw outlandish work being done, and monstrous spider creatures. At one point, the group rested in a burial chamber and retrieved a few magic items. Found a kitchen inhabited by ghost chefs that were teaching guly dwarves to bake, and a cryptic librarian who angerd the party Ranger with his less than helpful hints at what lies ahead. The group continued on further down into the earth.dlxaktsaroth2.jpg

Finally, the party rested in the Library, while Leargath and Bupa (a female gully dwarf who appeared to be actually quite helpful) led him to a vault were he retrieved a stash of silver pieces after dispensing with a pesky animated skeleton that attacked him for not paying for the taxes!
The group was separated for a time, but came together again at the lowest level after sneaking about and bypassing the Draconian camp and locating the Dragon’s lair. The group waited outside what was formally the “Hall of Justice” which the Dragon Onyx, had taken for her own domicile and decided a full frontal attack may allow them to gain the element of surprise. The group agreed that together they would press forward and kill the Dragon and retrieve the disks or die in the attempt.
The group threw open the doors to the dragons lair, who was incensed at their audacity, yet still attempted to speak with them. She was answered with violence!

The group fought hard, and slowly grinded away at the Dragons confidence and health. When it realized it may be in trouble it attempted to fly up and attack from a different angle, but it was prevented from doing so and the group pressed their advantage beating on the dragon and catching it in a wall of fire were it dies screaming before having both its horns hacked off in a brutal death blow! Moments after the realization of the dragon was dead, the group ransacked the lair and retrieved the disks of Mishakal!!!

Soon after…. a large rumble began to fill the chambers with the roar or water, and pieces of the ceiling began to fall!

The group began to run about, and discuss how they would escape, but it was Goldmoon who used the power of the Blue Crystal Staff to teleport them all back to the former Temple of Mishakal above ground and save their lives.

Day 6-The group rested in the Temple, and Goldmoon read over the disks and retrieved a special holy symbol and became the first cleric of the good gods in three centuries. She was spoken to by Mishakal and told the group needed to bring the Disks of Mishakal into the world and locate a man who will be the prophet for bringing back the word of the Good and Neutral Gods into the world, and returning Divine magic to all on Krynn. The group left the next morning with a new mission to find this mysterious individual who would bring back Divine magic to all, and also locate the captives from the towns and villages that had been processed in Xak Tsaroth, but then taken south the Pax Tharkas after questioning a Draconian. The group used stealth, and made their way back the way they came past the swamp and into the Eastwall Mountains.

Day 7- As the group passed over the mountains and got a view of the south for the first time, they saw a huge smoke cloud in the distance and general location of home. Solace. The party continued on, with purpose at the sight of their home burning…

Note: The group leveled up to 6th level after slaying Onyx and retrieving the Disks of Mishakal.


Epilogue Notes:

Treasure: Disks of Mishakal, Onyx had 785 platinum, 6775 Steel pieces, 4 violet garnets (400 stl each), 1 golden yellow topazes (300 stl each), 30 tourmalines (60 stl each), a wand of invisibility (we will figure out how these work), Cloak of Charisma (grants a score of cha 19), 2 potions of protection from fire.

The party left the city in ruins, as with Onyx death (and rumors of it spreading through the Dragonarmy troops), the caverns of Xak Tsaroth collapse. Thousands of gallons of water flood the ruins.

Now that the group have secured the Disks of Mishakal and received your mission, you need to decide how you will respond to Solace’s fiery peril.

Xak Tsaroth (Session 2)

Raistlin stood up, glancing out to the west, to his homeland, where the sky was brightening with the early morning sun.
Suddenly he stiffened. Then, dropping his pack, he ran across the camp and knelt down beside the half-elf.
“Tanis!” Raistlin hissed. “Wake up!”
Tanis woke and grabbed his dagger. “What-”
Raistlin pointed to the west.
Tanis blinked, trying to focus his sleep-scummed eyes. The view from the top of the mountain where they were camped was magnificent. He could see the tall trees give way to the grasp Plains. And beyond the Plains, snaking up into the sky-
“No!” Tanis choked. He gripped the mage. “No, it can’t be!”
“Yes,” Raistlin whispered. “Solace is burning.”

Xak Tsaroth (Session 2)

Im happy with the effort in character development from Josh and Chris. You guys gain Inspiration next session. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into “Lamespiration”.

Per EN WORLD: New words you’ll be using soon! WotC’s Greg Bilsland has coined the word “sadvantage”, which refers to missing with both rolls when you have advantage in D&D 5E. SlyFlourish added “lamespiration” for rolling a 1 when you use inspiration.

Xak Tsaroth (Session 2)

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