The 5th Age


Age of Mortals: In the current age, the people of Krynn learn to direct their own future and discover that even the highest can be brought down and lowest can rise above all others. As the previous age was largely characterized by the people of Ansalon rediscovering their past, the Age of Mortals is about the people discovering their future. With the gods separated from the world and terrible new threats arriving in the form of the Dragon Overlords, the people must learn to fight for their own destinies.
Terrible tragedies occurred during the early years, calling upon some of Ansalon’s races to deal with hardships they had never before had to face. The child-like and carefree Kender were massacred by the thousands in their home of Kendermore when it came under attack by the great red dragon, Malystryx. The survivors were “afflicted”- scarred in mind and soul by the horrors they had witnessed, forced to trek to the west to find sanctuary. The elven kingdom of Qualinesti was seized by the green overlord, Beryl, who made her genocidal hatred of the elves known to those under her rule. The Silvanesti, acting out of fear that their recently restored kingdom might also be seized by the Dragon Overlords, encased their lands in a magical, impenetrable Shield, believing themselves safe from the world and its problems; they came to the horrifying discovery that the Shield was slowly killing them.

Yet, in the midst of tragedy, the mortals of Ansalon demonstrated strength and innovation. The long-forgotten ambient magic’s of sorcery and mysticism were rediscovered, giving the people new weapons to use in the fight against their oppressors. The Legion of Steel, a new organization to champion the liberty of the people ruled by the Dragon Overlords, was founded and it numbers grew, even while its membership remained secret. Just when hope was once again returning to the world, a strange and powerful storm swept across the continent. Out of the storm came a voice, proclaiming the arrival of a new god.
Years after the discovering the “new magic” of the Fifth Age, sorcerers and mystics began to find their powers diminishing. No amount of study revealed the true cause of this drain, though spiritualists began to suspect that it had some connection with the growing legions of spirits who were remaining on Krynn; spirits who were either unwilling or unable to move on to the next stage of the souls journey.

On the night of the great storm a young girl named Mina emerged from the thunder and the lightning, speaking of a new god-the One God-and wielding miraculous powers not seen since the mightiest clerics of old. Quickly taking control of the Knights of Neraka, Mina waged war that conquered cities, nations, and brought down several of the mighty Dragon Overlords. The war was to end in Sanction, with the One God absorbing the powers of the Dragon Overlords and using it to enter the world. The work of heroes foiled the One God’s plans and revealed her identity to be that of Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness, who had stolen away the world from her fellow immortals so that she might truly become the one true god of Krynn.

With the end of the War of Souls and the restoration of the gods to Krynn, though the pantheon is now missing the two leaders of Light and Darkness. The focused magic of wizards and clerics works again after nearly forty years of absence. The ambient powers of sorcery and mysticism once again function unhindered by the souls that have now continued on the journey. The lives of many on Ansalon have been changed, perhaps forever, by the tumultuous events of the war. Some of the villains of the Fifth Age have been defeated, but others remain and new powers for evil are rising. If ever there was a time when the people of Krynn are crying out for heroes, that time in now-the Fifth Age, the Age of Mortals.

Spectre of Sorrows

A group of scarred survivors race to escape the horrors of the Desolation. Bearing ancient magic and a terrible secret, they are the target of powerful enemies-including tireless agents of Chemosh and a distant, enigmatic threat. With luck, determination, and skill, they will strive to uncover the connection between their quest and the spectral visitations of a long-dead elven enchantress….


Dragonlance Chronicles

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