The half equine, half humanoid, centaurs are not especially virtuous or intelligent, but are one of Krynn’s proudest and noblest races. They think first of themselves, enjoying pleasures such as wine, art, and fine weather.
One would be hard pressed to find a more passionate race than the centaurs. As marked hedonists, centaurs look upon every new day as a chance to experience new pleasures, hear new tales, and undertake new amorous pursuits. Proud centaurs remain ever conscious of their appearance. Most find any disfigurement, from a battle scar to a tattoo, to be upsetting and unsightly.

Centaurs get along well with kender, although they find members of that race far too flighty to accept as equals. Centaurs often befriend elves and humans, feeling stronger kinship with these races and sharing certain traits with each. They see dwarves and minotaur’s as ugly, stubborn, quarrelsome folk, and must work very hard at times to get along with them.

Centaurs are usually chaotic, and tend towards good. There are many neutral centaurs, however.

Centaur tribes have been found on the Abanasinian plains, around Crystalmere Lake and Darken Wood, on the Plains of Dust, and the Endscape Peninsula, and in the Wnedle Woods of Goodlund.

Centaur religion is animistic; they see the sacred spirit of the world in all things. Thus, druids rather than clerics serve many centaur communities. Of the centaurs who worship gods, most are clerics of Habbakuk, Chislev, and Mishakal.

Centaurs do not possess their own language; instead, they speak a very rustic dialect of Common.

Centaurs are named by the elders of their tribe, according to the seasons and the skies at the time fo their birth. In addition, most adult centaurs take the name of one of their parents as a surname, or even lover. (Example Bluestar, Firebrand, Stormglow, Winterrain)

PC Info -
+1 Wisdom, +1 Con. Centaurs posess keen senses, hearth wisdom, and an intuitive connection with nature as well as a healthy constitution.

Large: as Large size creatures and quadrupeds, centurs can carry three times as much weight as a human can.
Centaaur base movement is 40
+1 to attack with short and long bows
Advantage on animal handling
+1 bonus to all saving throws
Hoof Attack: 1d6 front/back. *A centaur may attack with a weapon on her normal attack, and then also with her hooves at disadvantage.
Robust: Centaurs gain 4 extra hit points at 1st level.
Favoured Class: Ranger.


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