Nathan Strange

Aspiring White Robe


Male Human Wizard (White Robe; Lvl 4) 18 yrs old


Newphew of a powerful wizard that was raised in relative isolation. He now seeks to make his own way in Ansalon and by luck (or design) has found a group of companions to aid him on his journey.

Shy, unsure, loyal, and bright.

(Update 1)
Nathan has accompanied his new friends through across an inlet to Port Balifor, through the Desolation, and into an active Volcano filled with enemies. He is slowly becoming more sure of his abilities and has kept a low key style. Watching, learning, and growing in power.

He knows he is now capable of magical feats that will require him to make a hard decision that will effect him for the rest of his days. Soon…

Nathan Strange

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