Headstrong, Savage, and Vengeful


Barbarian 5/Fighter 3


“I took the hatchet to cover with blood. It’s still bright. Only when its red, then it will be buried.”
-Grimvisage, regarding his hatred for elves(Silvanesti) and Solamnia Knights

Grimvisage was a popular and influential warrior of the Que-Shu. He spent time with outsiders and successfully raided the outlying area of the Silvanesti lands in skirmishes. However, a few passing Solamnic Knights (turned mercenary) aided in an elven ambush, and Grimvisage was taken captive. As slavery is outlawed in Palanthas the Knights left the warrior’s fate to the Silvanesti Elves who forced him into indentured servitude. He cursed the Knight of the Rose leader, Lord Monro, who served a man named Crownguard. He was treated poorly by the Knife ears, who even made him travel to Palanthus and aid the northern white knights as an ally. However, always in his heart he was Que Shu and he eventually was allowed to leave as long as he swore an oath to never attack Silvenost.

“I wonder at the blindness and pride of the knife ear Speaker of the Sun. He believes only he knows how to speak falsely to make other men do his bidding.”
-Grimvisage, on observing the court of the Silvanesti elves

One day a merchant came through Silvanesti lands that had passed through the Abanaiania plain with news. He found his wife had taken a new husband, believing him dead after so many years. He also learned that Longshadow had gone looking for him in a quest that lead im in the wrong direction a year previous, and decided he must have given up after that. All must believe him dead… He blames the Knights, specifically Munro and his commanding officer Crownguard for his defeat, and despises the knife ear captors who made him their servant.

His heart is filled with hate, and he seeks an outlet for his rage…

(Update) The time for his servitude was nearing an end, and he was promised his freedom within weeks. However, something terrible happened and the Que-Shu warrior has found himself trapped in the Silvanesti lands by a new and terrifying captor.

(Update 2) Madness!! The Forrest itself is under attack from itself. The enemy is everywhere. wait, worry…

(Update 3) Grim still wanders the forest, trapped in semi-plane of sorrow and hate filled hallucinations. He is unconscious of the number of years that have passed since the War of the Lance. With the recent death of the Green Dragon he has found himself now being surrounded not only by the undead, but a new menace. A race of Bullmen who have come to conquer this land of his enemies…


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