(Acting) Grand Master of Solamnic Knights Goddard Tasgall

(A) Grand Master, High Justice, sits on the Circle of Sanction


Human Male Fighter (Champion) 18th level


Goddard Tasgall is a Knight of the Rose who holds the title of Chairman on the Whitestone Council, High Justice, leader of the Circle of Sanction, and acting Grand Master. It is unknown what family he had. In 421 AC, he had long salt n pepper hair with the mustache of a traditional Solamnic Knight, piercing eyes, a stern countenance, and a good sense of humor.

After the Chaos War, he defied Takhsis herself after being dragged into an areana in a contested city of Knights of Takhisis. After this he reentered the war and later accepted the surrender from a famed Knights of Nekera General.

Following the war, he made his headquarters in Sanction, and recognized that the knighthood was more about steel coins than steel swords and liked that idea. When Hogan Bight returned to the city, Tasgall returned control of it back to him. In return, Hogan allowed the knights to stay in the city and Tasgall became the leader of the circle there. Tasgall was in fact one of the few knights that knew that Hogan was really Crucible which he was sworn to secrecy. (Bronze Dragon)

In the years after the War of Souls, Tasgall noticed the independent actions of the circles in mainland Solamnia. He made attempts to bring those circles back, but it wasn’t until Jaymes Markham took control that this was accomplished. Those Knights returned to Sancrist.

In 422 AC (Current year), the Grand Master Liam Erling is dying and put forth his choice for replacement. Tasgall. So, many believe that Tasgall will be the next Grand Master, but due to the war in Solamnia an election is not able to occur. Tasgall has moved into the role of acting Grand Master, but has stayed in Sanction instead of moving to Castle uth Wistan on Isle of Sancrist. This caused some friction with Hogan Bight about using his city as a headquarters for the knights.

Many knights will need to return to the White Council before the new leader of the knights become official.

(Acting) Grand Master of Solamnic Knights Goddard Tasgall

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