Dragonlance Chronicles

Triumph: 4th Age finale

Dragons of Spring Dawning


Tanis lifted his gave to the magnificent platform that had remained empty throughout the proceedings. Empty until now. His blood congealed in his veins, his breath nearly stopped again, Takhisis, Queen of Darkness, had entered the Hall of Audience.
Other names she had upon Krynn. Dragonqueen she was called in elven; Nilat the Corrupter, to the barbarians of the Plains; Tamex, the False Metal, so she was known in Thorbardin among the dwarves; Mai-tat, She of Many Faces was how they told of her in legens among the sea-faring people of Ergoth. Queen of Many Colors and of None, the Knights of Solamnia called her; defeated by Huma, banished from the land, long ago.
Takhisis, Queen of Darknss, had returned.
But not completely.
Dragons of Spring Dawning

The heroes have struggled to journey around the continent of Ansalon, and now their final goal lies before them. The heroes leave the volcanic town of Sanction, while there they were able to reveal that the Good Dragons have been kept out of the war because their eggs had been taken by Takhisis followers. They were told as long as they stayed out of the war, no harm would come to the eggs. However, the players revealed that the eggs were being transformed in a dark perverse ritual that turned the eggs into Draconians. Thus, the origin of the Dragon men was revealed. This revelation immediately brought the Dragons of light into the war. dl-_neraka.jpg

After months of continued fighting, with the aid of the Good Dragons, the group made their way across the perilous Plains of Neraka to the heart of the Dragon Empire. Along the way, they encountered the Hidden Light resistance, who gave them helpful advice on entering the city and contacts to meet once they arrived. They party finally entered Neraka itself by passing through the gates of the city. Once they arrived, they began making plans to enter the Dark Queens Temple and work toward their ultimate goal of ending the reign of the Dragon Empire.

The group manages to find Berem the Green Gemstone Man, whom The Queen of Darkness has been searching for, and who is the key to her ability to re-enter the world. Convinced by the party to join their side, he sacrifices himself to seal the gate Takhsis intended to use to enter Krynn. Meanwhile, other party members assault a different part of the city and confront the Emperor himself, during the battle Arakas (who is weakened when his Goddess is denied entry to the world) is felled by one of the heroes and they recover the crown of power.

The defeat of the Dark Queen destabilizes the temple’s connection to this plane of existence. The temple immediately began to tremble and shake. The exodus from the temple carries over into the streets of Neraka, as the entire city succumbs to earthquakes and tremors. The party Wizards are able to traverse the corridors of magic with their allies, and successfully escape the temple, leaving its other current inhabitants to their doom.

A sound of inhuman scream of agony soar throughout the city. Then with a great crack the Temple of Takhisis explodes. A blinding flash of light shines like a sun as pieces of the temple soar skyward, into the black sky above.

All that nigh the group keeps watch together beneath a clump of gnarled trees waiting for dawn. Weary and wounded. they did not sleep fearing the end of danger was not completely over. From their vantage point, they could see band of draconians fleeing the armies. Freed from the wrath of the dark goddess, most would son turn to robbery and murder to ensue their own survival. There are still Dragon High lords and those loyal warriors that choose to follow them. Perhaps there are other evils to contend with, evils more powerful than the Dragonarmies. But for the time, there are a few moments of peace. With the dawn they made their way across a land filled with draconians, evil dragons, and bandits, but nothing they could not face considering the task they completed.

As dawn begins to approach they look into the sky and notice that the storm clouds are passing and the stars appear. Most noticeable is the fact that the black voids of the Dark Queen and the Valiant Warrior are once again filled with stars. Once again, both gods of light and darkness take their place in one half of the the night sky while opposite each other. And so they resume their endless wheeling, one always watchful of the other, as they revolve eternally around Gillean, God of Neutrality, the Scales of Balance.
With the coming of the new day, as a hint of pink and yellow emerge from the dark purple of the night, they realize that they have done some good in the world, and that this is not the end, but the beginning of a new tomorrow…

DM Post Script Note:
Congratulations on (almost) finishing a great campaign. LOL, we got 2/3 through it, and the ending was pretty straight forward. This will mater going forward into the 5th age, a new generation for a campaign in the future. Until then, celebrate the victories of a handful of brave heroes who cam out of nowhere to save the world of Krynn, and look to the future. Long live the heroes of the Lance!



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