Dragonlance Chronicles

Chapter 7: War (Session 12 and 13)

On the road again...

Chapter :7 War

The White Dragon Squall returned with two white dragons in tow, determined to seek revenge for Sleet’s death. There was some confusion in the party as to whether they would attack the dragons or not, as the groups warlock managed to use the Dragon orb to gain control of the dragon. The elf Druid in the party revealed herself to be a silver dragon named D’argent. She informed the group the Good Dragons were unable to enter the war, but was unable to say why. She gave some assistance to the group, and information on the Dragonlances. In the end, the white dragon was slain and the other two were allowed to leave. Promising never to return and mind wiped of the Silver Dragons involvement in the battle.

The group continued North and to Castle Uth Wistan. There they spoke with the Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan. They explained their situation, and decided to travel east to the mainland were the fighting was. The Solamnic Knight informed them he would go north to the Whitestone Council in their stead. After hearing of their deeds, he knighted Hank “The Answer” and assigned him Commander of the Unit of men stationed at the HCT.

Meanwhile, other members of the group got into some shenanigans while staying in the city near the castle, but left the next day on a boat to Cristyne; An island surrounded by white mist acing the trees and ground in delicate splendor. Towering mountains standing in the middle of island. Near the southern tip they found an ancient tower and located a piece of an ancient magic item that appeared to be part of a crown. They also found a demon…dl-_goristro.png
“Watcha gonna do…”
“Hey! That line belongs to the Were-Sharks!”

The crazy demon appeared at first to be unstoppable, and took a significant amount of damage. They party pulled together and managed to take it down before being picked off. The demon promised to return, and swore the group had not seen the last of GORISTRO!!

The group returned to he shoreline and took the ship to Palanthas. The trip took 13 days by sea. One night the group had dinner with the ship Captain who identified the relic they found on the island as a piece of the Crown of the High Clerist, and was glad to hear they were headed to that location. The rest of the journey passed without incident. Soon the ship passed the gates of Paladine and anchors in the magnificent harbor of Palanthas.dl_palanthas.jpg There the group split up after meeting a few natives on the docks, the place was bustling with all sorts of people, doing all manner of things. After getting a hot dog and lemonade “slushy”, the group split up.

Some members made their way to the great library of Palanthas, and engaged in several activities. Others sought out Astinus the Chronicler, who was expecting them. His attendant, Betrum, met the party with a note explain the following in regards to what Bertrum refers to as “The Crown of Yarus”.

“When the gods sealed the High CLerist’s Tower the High Clerist was crushed beneath a pillar where he sat playing Khas. His great crown, which held his life, was sundered into three pieces and taken by his spirit guards to places of safe keeping. First one pie, then another. Only two pieces do I see…*The Altar of the Ob, The Treasury.”

*Berturm also made reference to a 33rd Khas piece, that of a wizard made of crystal whose powers were said to be connected with the Knights of Solminia of old. It was secreted in the tower long ago.

The group took a couple days to rest in Palathas and took some classes at the library, met some new and interesting people in Palanthas, saved a few beggars from mid-level mafia bosses, and left a mark on the town by creating a incident that scattered like wildfire among the populace when an ill-timed scene went awry and caused damage to the play, and the theatre to be evacuated…

The part met up and traveled south under cloudy skies. Rain pelting them the entire trip, turning the road into a muddy morass. Along the way the story of the HCT was told, specifically regarding the night of Doom, which caused the Tower to be sealed for the past 300 years.

The group arrived at the encampment to find well worn tents of every size and description standing in eatly spaced rows. A camp of mercenaries who had joined in the service of the Knights surrounded the tower. There was a great deal of discord amount the Knights. Lord Alfred MarKenin, Knight of the Sword, was undecided as to how to proceed and spoke with Sir Hank about the inability for himself and the other two commanders to get anything done. Lord Aurik Archuran, Knight of the Rose, was full of tales of the ancient, valiant days of the Knights. He was also full of himself and brandy. He had no patience for anyone and was relieved of command by Sir Hank, and replaced by Lord Michael Jeofrey, Knight of the Crown, squire. The Lord Jeofrey, who is easily remember by his high pitched voice, was all for the change and seemed eager to engage in conflict.

Some of the men were gathered up as orders were given out, and Knights began drilling the next day. Change apparently has arrived at the High Clerist Tower…


Everyone should be level 12. Except Ryan, he of course is 13th.

; )

Chapter 7: War (Session 12 and 13)

khas (kRynnalian Chess)
Khas is Krynn’s version of chess. It is played
with the same types and numbers of pieces as
chess (eight pawns, two rooks, two knights,
two bishops, and one king and queen on each
side), but is played on a hexagonal field with
each troop starting in opposing corners of the
The Solamnic Knights believe that the
game reflects battles that are currently being
fought somewhere in the world. Indeed, legends
tell that great battles have been won or
lost because of a Khas game being played elsewhere.
Yarus’s board is 3 feet across and made of
finest carved ivory inlaid with polished blue
and cream marble. The pieces themselves are
intricately crafted blue and cream granite.

Chapter 7: War (Session 12 and 13)

Crown op yapus
The Crown of Yarus is an artifact that dates to
the time of the Cataclysm. Broken when Yarus
was struck by a falling pillar, the three pieces
of the crown were scattered about the tower.
Some came under guard, others fell into forgotten
rooms and places.
The crown is made of intricately laced polished
steel fitted with diamonds (10,000 gpv).

Chapter 7: War (Session 12 and 13)

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